“Almufaddal” offers finest collection of diamonds and gemstones

By Faten Omar

About our store

Discover elegance at Al-Mufaddal Al-Dahabi Al-Kuwait Jewelry Co, a prestigious gold shop in Kuwait that offers an exquisite collection that showcases contemporary meticulously handcrafted designs. Hozefa Fauji, Managing Director of Al-Mufaddal Al-Dahabi Al-Kuwait Jewelry Co, explained to Kuwait Times the history of his family-owned stores that have been creating finely curated gold jewelry for years.

“My father was in the gold business for around 40 years, and opened his first gold shop in 2007. Our first retail shop ‘Mansour Al-Yemen’ specialized in 21K gold jewelry. After four years, we opened our second shop ‘Aqeeq Al-Yemen’, followed by two more stores, and ‘Al-Mufaddal’ is one of them,” he said. Al-Mufaddal Al-Dahabi Al-Kuwait store showcases a meticulously curated collection of diamonds and precious gemstones, including rubies, sapphires and emeralds, where each gem is handpicked from India, said Fauji.

“Our shop offers the finest collection of diamonds and gemstones. The designs are unique, and you will not find them in any other store. We work hard and put a lot of effort into the design to offer unique pieces imported from India with detailed finishing,” Fauji said. He said 80 percent of their jewelry comes from India. “Customers can order a customized piece or even choses a piece from our shop and turn it into their desired design. We have our own workshop to finish the customization in Kuwait, but if the design is very complex, we design it in India. It will take from 25 to 35 days,” he added.

Fauji revealed the most desirable and trendy designs nowadays are European designs. “Customers help us know what the trendy designs are. The designs keep changing over a period of four to six months, with price ranging from KD 250 to KD 2,000,” he pointed out. Through the years, Fauiji has learned to create unique items, shifting from classical designs to more modern and trendy ones. He said Al-Mufaddal creates customizable pieces that reflect unique styles and personalities with only one or two pieces, calling on customers to choose the perfect gemstone and select the ideal design to be transformed into a masterpiece of their dreams.

Fauiji invited customers to visit his gold shop located in Qibla, Mubarkiya block 8, Oman Street in Souk Al-Kuwait (Store 155). “People can also check our designs on our Instagram account @almufaddaljewelry, where we show a gleaming array of intricate necklaces, bracelets, rings and so much more,” he told Kuwait Times.